Maui luxury real estate

Do you own real estate on Maui? Are you a regular Maui vacationer?

Is Maui close to your heart?

Wondering how you can support Maui after the Lahaina wildfires?

There are many Maui organizations that are taking monetary donations, donations of food and supplies, and service volunteers.

Peoples Fund of Maui

The Peoples Fund of Maui was created by Oprah and Dwayne Johnson to provide financial assistance to Maui Community members experiencing the devastating losses from the fires in Lahaina & Kula. 

Honokowai Relief Fund

This local organization is providing food, water, medical care, internet access, and more at Honokowai Beach Park. Donations allow them to keep providing the resources the locals need.

Mercy Chefs 

Mercy Chefs is a non-profit organization that is providing hot meals and family grocery boxes that contain produce, canned meat, pasta, rice, and more. A donation of $35 can help provide 10 hot meals, $70 can feed up to 40 people, and $105 feeds up to 60 people. 

World Central Kitchen

World Central Kitchen is an organization that provides meals to those affected by crises. World Central Kitchen has partnered with Chef Hui and Common Ground Collective to coordinate Maui chefs to create hot meals for locals. Over 60,000 meals have been prepared in the last two weeks! Locals can receive meals from the Lahaina Gateway Center and locations in Napili and Kaanapali. Monetary donations are the best way to support this cause.

Maui Food Bank

The Maui Food Bank has been providing food to locals since 1994. For wildfire relief, the Maui Food Bank is taking monetary donations and donations of non-perishable food items and personal care items if you are on the island.

Maui Humane Society

The Maui Humane Society is treating animals affected by the fire, providing free airline kennels to families trying to relocate, reuniting owners and lost pets, and providing pet food to those in need. They are taking monetary donations and volunteers if you’re located on the island.

How is the Maui Luxury Real Estate Team Doing?

Here is an update from Robyn and Mark:

Aloha from Lahaina, Maui. Thank you to everyone who has reached out to us to see if we are okay and well. We are, and we have our kitty, Lila. We love our community and feel very thankful and fortunate during this difficult time for our friends and community. The response for Maui has been incredible - please keep supporting where you can. Our house was one of the few that survived this disaster but is currently unlivable. There is no water, no electricity, and the air is very toxic to breathe in our neighborhood. We have been lucky enough to have been staying with friends and are so grateful for their kindness. We are taking it one day at a time and appreciate all your love and support. This is like nothing we have experienced, but we are strong and will make it through this. Sending my condolences to the families who have lost loved ones. Many are still looking for their loved ones to be found safely. Keep you posted as time moves forward.

About Maui Luxury Team:

Representing all of Maui, the Maui Luxury Team is made up of Robyn Curletti and Mark Sukel, REALTOR® Brokers. Robyn and Mark have been selling Maui luxury real estate for over 15+ years and are also licensed in Hawaii, California and Arizona. The Maui Luxury Team believes in professionalism, knowledgeable expertise, open responsive communication, and educating the nuances of Maui real estate.